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5 things that happen when you start at effect digital 

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Lets set the scene. It’s the first day on the job. You know what it’s like, you’re doubting every ability you have and debating running away to a far-off land and launching your own tribe. Well, that’s what goes through my head on day one of any new job. I recently had this feeling when I was about to start in my new role here at effect.

I’m a social media dude, I’m good behind a computer but have a habit of being a little awkward in real-world situations. Luckily for me, effect is one cool place to work so those feelings were banished as soon as I walked through the oversized black door!  Here are five things that will happen when you start your journey at effect.

Your love for Apple products only gets stronger

That’s right, the team at effect love anything with that little bitten into fruit emblazoned on it. We do proudly have one PC though – our video editor uses it and it’s pretty beefy. If there was an award for Apple brand ambassadors, we’d win!

You get office ego

Most people have worked in cool offices and not so great ones too but ours really is the cream of the crop. We like to call it a studio, I still slip up and call it an office from time-to-time though. It’s also an exciting time right now because we’re about to move into an even cooler, brand new office! Our new building was once an all you can eat restaurant and has been converted into a super modern office, but I’m hoping one of the chefs decided to hang around!

You can never have enough tea varieties

On my first day, I was offered a cuppa tea – a fairly standard proposition in any office situation. At effect it’s different, we have every tea you’ve ever heard of and some other ones you haven’t. My fairly rough count stands at 21 varieties. It’s worth swotting up on your Earl Greys from your fruity blends before you start and we will be looking at your tea making abilities as an official indicator of your skills.

Your ideas are listened to

This one’s seriously close to my heart.! When you start somewhere new it’s a nerve-racking time and making creative suggestions is a daunting idea.  Effect’s very different in that respect. It’s a very open and collaborative environment. Since I started I have introduced Snapchat filters, Facebook ChatBots, hashtags and the word “massive” within the office lexicon as a legitimate word that describes any positive situation. All of these positive experiences and having the platform to suggest new ideas has given me serious bragging rights in the pub.

Every day is a school day

Confession time. I am one of those guys that makes out he’s cool but is a bit of a geek in the cold hard light of day. My most recent addition to help with the “cool guy look” is a longline hoodie and a hat, I’ll happily show you! There’s a lot of cool people in the office so you naturally find yourself trying a little harder in the fashion department once you’re through the doors at effect.

When I started I also decided it would be a great idea to keep a list at the back of my notepad of everything I want to learn and experience whilst I am here. It’s crazy, but I find myself ticking stuff off all the time because everyone is always willing to teach you something and go into detail about what they do. The next thing on my list to get my teeth stuck into Photoshop – any takers?


And there you have it – it’s pretty cool here at effect. If you have a passion for digital, love learning and are obsessed with Apple products then it’s about time you got in touch. We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who are keen to make their dent in the industry – polish off that CV, pimp up that portfolio and fire it across.  

Final point. Cake is accepted as a legitimate bribe. 

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