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Flock to Unlock

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You may or may not of heard about Twitters ‘Flock to Unlock’ ad enhancement option but we think it’s a pretty impressive tool for extending your reach and customer engagement. As one of the first of what Twitter promises to be a flurry of new products aimed at advertisers (Twitter mentions 15 new products this year) Flock To Unlock seems to be gaining favour amongst some leading brands.

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So what is it?

In a nutshell, your followers are incentivised to spread/share your message by retweeting to unlock new or exclusive content from your brand. As a marketing tool it has a wide range of possible uses, ultimately rewarding your followers for interacting with your brand and spreading the word.

Puma have been in the press this week with their own ‘Flock to Unlock’ campaign, which rewards their followers for retweeting with sneak peaks of TV ads which are yet to air on mainstream TV.


How does it work?

Well we figured that in this instance we would be foolish to try and explain it in a more concise manner than Twitter themselves.


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