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In response to Andrew Edward’s recent article Is SEO Dead?, and to all past/future articles of the same subject matter, which are inevitably composed upon every major Google algorithm update.

Is SEO dead? In short no, SEO remains an active marketing channel for any digital strategy. Organic search continues to be significant source of website traffic, that can be further enhanced with an optimal approach. Until such time that we no longer turn to search engines to query the internet for information, SEO will never die.

The perception that SEO is all about manipulating search algorithms for quick wins does need to be laid to rest. Quality content has always been at  the heart of any credible SEO strategy. Search engine optimisation has simply evolved and will continue to evolve. Just with anything in life, if you stand still and don’t move with the times you will be left behind.

Search engines strive to return the best content for their users. If your website offers a great product, service, or source of information, SEO has become easier for you. With the right guidance from a leading SEO specialist, you can expect to receive the maximum organic search traffic your website deserves.

We know a thing or two about the subject so if you would like some advice, don’t be shy get in touch!


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