Panache Lingerie cited as one of the best responsive websites of 2014 by Econsultancy
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Panache Lingerie cited as one of the best responsive websites of 2014 by Econsultancy

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We are hugely proud to receive this unsolicited recommendation from such a well respected voice in Digital Marketing, it is fantastic validation of what we believe goes into creating a genuinely awesome responsive site.

What makes it all the more impressive is the incredible company Panache is in, we believe that we have managed to create a site that is really punching above its weight as we know from a previous article that the B&Q site cost approximately £60 million.

How did we achieve this? Firstly we were lucky to have a client that trusted our professional opinion and gave us the creative freedom to dictate areas of functionality and design. Secondly by analysing the existing site’s analytics we identified from the outset that mobile traffic was increasing year on year and on this basis we made the new sites mobile experience a key performance metric. Finally, we tested and reiterated designs and build to make sure it performed to the high standards we strive for in all our work.

Bear in mind that this site was produced for a fraction of the budget of most sites on the list (admittedly most sites in the list have a much deeper range of functionality), this didn’t stop us from rejecting designs and code that were just not good enough, we set out to achieve something better, making the recognition from econsultancy all the sweeter.

As ever there are still aspects of the site that we are looking to improve and more functionality and design tweaks will be implemented based on the needs of Panache’s customers and insight gathered on how the site is used.

For now we have created a site that performs much more effectively for our client and its customers.

For those of you that haven’t seen the site, you can view it here –


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