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Toy Characters sitting on a shelf
  • Google Analytics 4 - New Features

    Five exciting new features of Google Analytics 4

    Recently, our head of inbound; David, took part in some training sessions for GA4. This has allowed him to learn lots of new and exciting information about the sunsetting of Universal Analytics and the introduction of Google Analytics 4.

  • The big switch to Google Analytics 4

    Whether you have a small brochure site with fundamental tracking or a large web presence over multiple hostnames with advanced custom tracking; we have the process to supervise your move to the next-generation measurement solution.

  • Moving from Sketch to Figma

    In the past few months, the effect design team took the leap by moving over to a different user interface application - going from Sketch to Figma. We caught up with the team and discussed their experiences so far.

Toy Characters sitting on a shelf
Effect team at work in the studio

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