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Performance after adding COVID-19 content

In recent weeks, we worked closely with one of our partners, Panache Lingerie, in delivering a series of updates on their website - all in an attempt to help optimise conversions during the current pandemic.

Posted by Sanjay

Currently, many retailers are having to shift their focus and attention onto the digital experience as more than ever, people are shopping online. As a result, Panache was keen to make vital updates to its site to help inform and reassure customers that they are continuing to operate securely and safely.

What we did

We made proactive recommendations quickly in light of the changing needs of the customer during and after the COVID-19 lockdown. 

As an extension from one of our recent articles – Beyond the lockdown, we decided to put some of those ideas into action and make small updates that could deliver an big impact.

Website updates introduced; 

  • A new COVID-19 page.
  • A new USP (Unique Selling Proposition) bar

How did it perform

These additions of the new COVID-19 page and USP bar on the site proved to be a success in delivering a healthy amount of revenue and conversion rate.

Based on first 3 weeks of the update being implemented, we manage to provide an uplift of 174% in comparison to the  baseline ecommerce conversion rate.

From this, it appears customers do seek reassurances regarding COVID-19 matters. Customers seem to need clarity and confidence when shopping online, more so than before the pandemic began.


COVID-19 Content

We were keen to provide customers with the reassurances they needed when purchasing online during the current pandemic. Information surrounding delivery may have been a concern for customers and/or whether they could contact the Customer Services team while in lockdown.

From this, we introduced a simple page outlining the COVID-19 policies currently in place at Panache. This provided information for customers regarding the safety of employees, goods being delivered, and protection of customers during this pandemic.

‘Open as normal online’

In addition with the new COVID-19 page, we introduced prominent USP (Unique Selling Proposition) bar available on all pages of the website. We wanted this accessible bar to highlight core benefits of shopping with Panache and reassure customers with a clear statement that they are ‘Open as normal online’.  

We also leveraged this bar to introduce a new newsletter sign up incentive to help boost further conversion through the website.

This signpost proved to be an important tool in signifying the Panache’s operational status at a glance. 

Overall, these incremental additions, alongside a newsletter sign up incentive, have proven to be successful with the overall conversion rate throughout the site.

We continue to work closely with Panache in finding more avenues for further optimisation. Watch this space!


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