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The big switch to Google Analytics 4

Here at Effect we have defined a succinct process to make the switch to Google Analytics 4.

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Whether you have a small brochure site with fundamental tracking or a large web presence over multiple hostnames with advanced custom tracking; we have the process to supervise your move to the next-generation measurement solution.

The following measurement and data collection-focused steps are derived from the comprehensive analytics framework that we adhere to for all Web + App tracking projects. We have singled-out specific steps required to methodically manage your GA4 migration.

Discovery and audit

The discovery session is designed to give you an open forum to clearly define the objectives of your website and/or application. We setup a conversation with the stakeholders whom are spearheading this effort, to have them explain the various conversion points in real human terms with all jargon left at the door. The findings from this activity will allow us to determine the insight we need gather to provide good reporting.

Durning this time we also run a targeted audit of your existing tagging infrastructure and Universal Analytics account configuration. Our audit is designed to identify what applicable tracking has been previously setup for older versions of Google Analytics and uncover any gaps to fill with this new effort for GA4.


Analytics roadmap & Measurement plan

Based on our findings we shall develop and subsequently present stakeholders with their analytics roadmap. This shall determine what’s coming and when to get your desired tracking in place, plus any nice to haves that we might want to work towards in the future. We will then draft your specific measurement plan as direct deliverable. This is where we translate your needs into the specific data points that need to be tracked.

Implementation & Account configuration

Once the measurement plan has been signed off we will forward this to your developers to implement. Their objective is to ensure all the specific data points we to need are available to pull into Google Tag Manager. Typically this is something that can be completed within a 2 week sprint, but the time spent will depend on the complexity of the data required.

During this time a member of our inbound department shall setup your new Google Analytics 4 property and data steams, in order to complete your account configuration to receive. We setup a meeting 30 days after data collection has begun to review the newly available measurement together.


Get in touch if you have any queries or would like to start the transfer process today

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