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Giving open water swimmers the best possible experience in finding a great venue they can call home.

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The brief

The aim of the build was to create a resource from which open water swimmers could find safe and well-equipped areas to swim in.

The website needed to not only be a resource for current open water swimmers but an onboarding tool for new swimmers and the benefits of joining Beyond Swim.


The solution

As there is nothing like this on the market, British Triathlon spent time speaking to users about what they would like to see on the website. This feedback was used as the benchmark for the project.

Using Beyond Swim’s existing brand identity, the UX team translated this into a digital-first design ensuring it was maintained throughout the website and effective on mobile and desktop.

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Picture of swimmers preparing to go into the open lake


As users would most likely be using the website to find swimming locations as they travelled around, the design and build were mobile-led.

Consequently, it was important for the map function to be ‘thumb-friendly' and easy to use while on the move. Due to it targeting an older demographic, it was important that the site was practical, functional, and easy to navigate which the map played a big part in.

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