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A new brand experience for London's best airport


We've collaborated with London City Airport since 2019 to deliver digital marketing activity across a range of channels. From the start we were keen to redevelop London City Airport's website and when the opportunity arrived we were pleased to be selected, a testament to the trust we had earned delivering results.

The site plays an increasingly critical role, serving a wide variety of audiences. It is a vital information source for passengers whilst generating revenue and communicating brand values for the airport. With ambitious expansion plans it is also an important source of information for the local community, press and planners.


London City Airport's brief was to create a new, refreshed website that better showcased their brand and USP's and provided a platform that could grow with the airport offering a great experience to users and a return on investment for the airport. Delivering value for the airport was key, in response we developed the first phase of the site in 6 months, delivering on time and on budget with a clear strategy for continued enhancement enabling London City Airport to realise the return their investment quickly.

Terminal 2

With today's travellers increasingly researching and booking through their phones we prioritised optimising content and design for mobile devices from the beginning. Using historic performance data and an understanding of the airports objectives we developed the sites information architecture to orchestrate the wide variety of content into a logical, navigable structure, validating our approach with competitor research and an understanding of sector specific design patterns that users understand.

As a result users can more easily find the information they are looking for, increasing satisfaction, improving conversion and reducing the customer service requests for the airport.


As critical UK infrastructure we took a strict approach to risk, security, performance and ease of support were a priority. Technical development used MACH principles (Micro services, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) the site is easy to use, performant and easily maintained to reduce the risk to the airport. Wrapped around this is a comprehensive support package and defined service level agreement covering response and resolution times. The site is in continued development as we seek to enhance the user experience, support wider marketing activity and increase audience understanding and activation. The new site is live and driving remarkable results.

LCY Launch Campaign Creative

Launch Campaign

To promote the launch of the new website we orchestrated a dynamic campaign seamlessly blending creativity and functionality. 

Creative print and digital posters adorned the airport, capturing the attention of travelers while highlighting the website's mobile optimisation and emphasizing a smooth digital journey for users on the move. 

The campaign unfolded as a vibrant tapestry, showcasing how the website served as a comprehensive guide, offering everything travelers needed to prepare and enjoy their holidays. The imagery and messaging resonated with the airport's commitment to efficiency and innovation, creating a buzz that echoed through the departure gates and digital screens alike. 

This campaign wasn't just about launching a website; it was about ushering in a new era of travel convenience and digital excellence.

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