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Help build a better future for vulnerable children caught in conflict during a global pandemic.

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The brief

We work closely with internationally renowned charity, War Child, who protect children caught in conflicts, often in difficult environments. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided yet more challenges in their already tough line of work, resulting in their recent campaign.

Donations play a key role for the charity, but War Child were looking to do more. In order to provide greater critical support for children and their families, they developed a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds through donations.

UI Design - Mobile Phone Mock ups

The solution

We approached the project with a ‘content-first’ mindset as we defined page layouts and structure with as much information as possible. Together with War Child, we regularly created valuable iterations to help increase the chances of conversions and donations.

As a result, we were proud to deliver this simple, yet powerful solution for such a great cause.

War Child UI Design iPad

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