Reimagining a physical event online.

Design and build a virtual challenge platform for Leeds 2020

The brief

Using the microsite built for the British Triathlon Leeds event, we updated it to include functionality for the virtual challenge like a leaderboard and dashboard that integrated with Strava.

This way users could see the distances they had biked or run and see their standings against others in their category.

Two phone mock ups

The solution

Having already defined the scope from earlier workshops, we were able to truly refine the UX and streamline how participants could get involved and compete virtually. Worked closely with real content to allow us to be informed on how to structure pages.

We aimed for a super easy form entry and we hooked up to relevant databases for those who had already signed up to the Leeds 2020 live event. By doing this, we removed any unnecessary barriers and sped up the accuracy of a live leaderboard. It integrates with Stava to track participants’ running/cycling during the challenge period to build a leaderboard of everyone that completed the challenge. We made observations on how Strava handles its data and we leveraged the design to make it easy for the users to submit their distances and times. Once they had completed their selected distances, participants could then download their certificate and request their medal.

British Triathlon Multiple Mobile Phones


The biggest design win for this project was the success of our processes and in particular the design foundations we set pre Covid.

It meant we could easily react to the changing landscape of our client’s new requirements. The turnaround was seamless from concept to development with very little headaches along the way. It gave us breathing space to improve the design intricacies and micro flourishes across the board to improve the overall usability and experience of the site.

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